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Velvet Lined Wooden Ring Case With Glass Window

Products Name:Velvet Lined Wooden Ring Case With Glass Window
Categoris name:Jewelry/Jewelry Storage/Jewelry Boxes
Velvet Color:Olive,Dusty Rose,Charcoal

Store your ring collection in safety and style! This rectangular wooden storage case features an antique finish, tempered glass and a clasp to keep the lid fastened. Lined in sumptuous velvet, it boasts 7 rows to accommodate (on average) up to 72 rings. Lining is currently available in three colors: Olive, Dusty Rose and Charcoal. Please view the last two photos to see swatches and to get an idea of what each color will look like next to the wood.

When not in use the case will protect your jewels from dust and scratches while still allowing you to admire your collection through the tempered glass window.

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